a city that integrates art and culture into daily life, is located at the very center of great Taichung area. From the sporadic cultural and creative settlements to the world class National Taichung Theater. Cultural City has been born in such a city of art and culture.

National Taichung Theater-designed

by the international architect Toyo Ito, the whole building is like an opera by itself. With the world's first curved wall design, meandering through the grayish concrete jungle. The culture and arts that were once limited for auditoriums, now flow into the life of the people. When there is no performance, it becomes a beautiful view of Taichung’s grand garden.


JCI Culture City Chapter was established in such a youthful and creative city on May 7th 1993. The founding president Mr. Gao Cheng-Hui led more than 30 pioneers to co-found the Cultural City. For the past 28 years, the JCI Culture City Chapter has been built upon harmonious meetings and discussions, and flourished with all the enthusiastic events hosted. It continues the branch tradition of “limited power, unlimited extension”, as the core of the continuous development of the Cultural City, combines the theme of the 11th SDGs Sustainable Cities and Communities in this Asia-Pacific Conference: “Rise and Shine our Promising Future”. In a city with limits, using everyone's small positive changes, to achieve the sustainable urban life.



Concept of Design

2021 JCI ASPAC LOGO is a combination of the three elements of National Taichung Theater, Heartown which means mountain and ocean, and dancers. It includes art, nature and humanities. The humanities and art, the architectural design and the nature coexist peacefully. The harmonious coexistence developes the concept of a sustainable city.

- Description -

The design concept of the National Taichung Theater corresponds the SDGs’ concept of a sustainable city. The theater is not only for art performances, but also deeply involved in people’s life, as a place for rest and development of creativity.

Heartown not only represents the geographical situation of Taichung City, but also represents the abundance of Taichung City's plentiful mountains and rivers. In addition to the aura of green mountains and forests, there are also fertile fishery products from the sea and commercial ports.

Dancers represent the vigorous development and vitality of humanities and arts of Taichung City. Whether it’s in the metropolis, nearby mountains and forests or coastal harbors, local cultural creators can be found to ignite the sparkles that lit the art and culture for local humanities.

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